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Insta Collection PPC Management Agency

The ultimate purpose of advertising is often to generate sales or leads. If ads are not achieving this goal,
it can be a waste of money.It’s important to monitor the performance of ads and make adjustments
to improve their effectiveness.


Team Of Google Adwords Certified Professionals

Our Team of Google AdWords Certified Professionals is thoroughly experienced in all aspects of PPC Management. Whatever your PPC needs might be, our team can handle that. Our clients love the way we manage their campaigns.

Google Ads Management

With a team of Google Certified Adwords Professionals, we can effectively manage all type of Google Ads, like, Search Ads, Display Ads, Remarketing Ads, Shopping Ads, App Install Ads, and more

Facebook / Instagram Ads

We have managed hundreds of campaigns on Facebook and Instagram and know exactly how to target right audience with right kind of ad. We optimize campaigns so as to get very low bid price.

Bing / LinkedIn / Twitter Ads

We know how to run and manage campaigns on Bing, Twitter, and LinkedIn so as to get best ROI for you. These networks are able to give very low click price, if used in the correct manner.


Our PPC Optimization Process

Best Keywords

We start by identifying best keywords for your campaigns.

Optimize Targeting

Based on results, optimize demographics and keywords.



Start Dynamic Remarketing Ads for people who have visited your site.

Analyze Data

Analyze campaign data regularly to optimize them further.

Pay Per Click (Google ads)

 Insta Collection is the leading PPC management company. We provide exceptional expertise in helping clients gain traction within their PPC campaigns. The talented team at Insta Collection is dedicated to providing best-in-class performance and superior results for our clients. By focusing on unique marketing strategies, our experienced staff has consistently outperformed client goals and stand at the forefront of PPC marketing. At Insta Collection we take a big data approach to PPC management. By using the right combination of funnels and human Psychology findings, Insta Collection team can help you to drive more ad clicks and conversions for their business. By leveraging our expertise in the following areas: account management, auditing, data analysis and remarketing, we go beyond normal account oversight to truly grow PPC campaigns.

Our Marketing Process


Market and keyword research

The first step is to do market and keyword research. This is where I would really spend the most time figuring out what customers are searching for.



Ads setup

The next step is to set up ads after all of the content done on your landing page.



Budget & Bidding

The second step is to set the budget and bidding according to the research and experience of the marketer.



Performance And Analysis

In this step we analyse the performence of campaion deeply and implement the need full action to optimize it.



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